Currently we are working on these initiatives:

  • orchestrating the introduction of "closecommute" as a standard best HR practice for multi-worksite employers beginning in BC in 2019, and then on to Toronto and Seattle in 2020. The employer removes any HR barriers and encourages the employee to voluntarily transfer to a worksite closer to his/her home. This saves the employee the considerable time and costs involved with long commutes, cuts resource waste and pollution, eases traffic congestion, and provides many benefits to the employer (lower absenteeism, better employee retention, employees are less stressed, have improved mental and physical health, are better rested and more effective, incurring reduced parking costs, etc.). And all this benefit comes at no cost to the employer, while there is a huge benefit to the employee, society and the environment. We estimate it is possible to reduce traffic congestion in the Lower Mainland by 5% of no cost to the Provincial and Municipal governments within 2 years!
      Buddhists traditionally used the term mottainai to indicate regret at the waste or misuse of something sacred or highly respected, such as religious objects or teaching. With this initiative, the word is being used to indicate the waste of any material object, time, or other resource.
  • serving on the Board of Directors for Trelawny Consulting Group Ltd. and 0969457 BC Ltd. (a video production company operating as, specializing on high-performance athlete profiles).
  • mentoring and communications consulting for ITS Video Marketing, an established tourism video production and marketing firm that is start-up rolling out an innovative and comprehensive video marketing service for tourism and attractions operators around the world.

You are invited to visit where we operate a "collaborative" publishing companies. Companies modeled after Agio employ the marketing principles and innovative techniques described in Bruce Batchelor's book, Book Marketing DeMystified; they are selective about which titles and authors will be accepted (and thus maintain a discerning quality standard); and authors co-invest in publishing costs (and receive considerably more royalties than the norm for assuming some of the risk).

To learn more about our development process, please go to our section on Management Consulting services.

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